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Finding Christmas 🎄

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​Looking back on my childhood Christmas I always had expectations of what Christmas should be like as I grew older and had children of my own. Every thought, idea, or tradition we tried just wasn’t quite right.  

​Not one thing ever filled the void of celebrating the birth of Jesus.  No matter how many trees I put up or wreaths I hung could fill the hole I tried to fill in my heart.

​This past year has taught me so much as I have almost lost my son to drugs and my husband injured at work and lost his job.  I could not see any tradition that could ever bring back what I thought was the joy of Christmas.

But this is where Christmas comes in. STOP!  This is where Christ comes in.  This is where we reflect and thank Godfor everything.

For me, while Christmas is a holiday festival, it means nothing.  Jesus means everything to me.  It’s not about Santa, the ham, the cakes, or the gifts under the tree, heck its not even about the Christmas Eve service at church.  If I don’t share the love of Jesus, I have missed the whole meaning.

So, as we celebrate Christmas this year, bless the less fortunate so we can turn compassion into actions.  Take time to thank the ones that stood beside you this past year…. Christmas is all through out the year, not just December.

As we go into this season, I am so thankful God has showed me my Christmas; I challenge you to dig deep in your heart and find yours.




 Tonya Cox 


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